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Coleman Beach Chairs – The dining room is among the main rooms in a house and also the one of the only areas which joins everyone together. The dining room is meant for entertaining, if you’re hosting guests for a major celebration or having a quiet family dinner. The dining room chairs will be among the first pieces of furniture that your guests will find and more importantly will likely be sitting in, so it is crucial to have a dining room that’s both attractive in appearance and welcoming. If your current dining chairs are looking a little drab or you locate them contrasting your kitchen furniture it may be time to consider making the splurge for a new set of dining chairs. With the thousands of alternatives out there for purchase, there are 5 things to consider before making your purchase to ensure you’ll be entirely satisfied upon getting your new chairs.


It may seem like a simple enough idea, however if you don’t pick chairs which are the ideal height you may find yourself needing to either go through the hassle of returning numerous chairs or from lots of money. Be sure to measure your dining table before purchasing any chairs because this really is will be the main element in setting the seat height which will be crucial for your chairs. Most dining tables are between 28″ to 30″ high which will accommodate seat seat peaks which are about 11″ shorter than that. Make certain that you take proper measurements of your potential dining chairs if shopping in a retail shop or in the event you’ll be purchasing online look for the seat dimensions on the product page. If the measurements are not recorded be sure to ask the retailer to supply you with them.

If your dining table is raised or higher than average consider looking for counter or bar height stools which are flexible to ensure you will be able to reach the table or won’t be sitting too high over the table. Most dining chairs won’t be able to accommodate dining tables which are higher than 31″ and will require stool seating.


The number of dining chairs necessary will largely depend on how many people will generally be sitting in your dining table nightly. By waiting to purchase additional chairs you’ve got the probability of the chairs being out of stock or discontinued and no longer available for purchase. This leaves you with the issue of having to buy a new set of chairs or having to find something comparable.

Your dining table is another vital part of furniture which will determine how many chairs will have the ability to fit round the table. Be sure to measure your dining table’s length before purchasing and then find out the general width of these chairs to be certain that they will fit around the table. If your current dining chairs already fit comfortably around your dining table, this is going to be a great indication of the number of new chairs you’ll have to purchase.


You may purchase dining chairs for as little as $10, however you may expect to get what you pay for. A typical dining room seat may cost anywhere from $100-$200 depending on the quality you’re looking for. Also lower priced dining chairs are generally sold one way: one colour, 1 cloth, no options. Based on the upholstery desired for your chairs, this may also be an important element in the price you’ll be paying on your chairs.

Where you obtain the chairs from will even determine the purchase price you will pay. If you purchase from big box retailers you’ll typically have the ability to acquire a favorable price, however you’ll also be sacrificing quality for price. With specialty stores and home furniture dealerships you may expect to pay more than you would at a big brand shop, however they may also carry much higher quality product which will last for many years to come. Purchasing online is another convenient option which allows you to pick out exactly what you want from the comfort of your own home. Online pricing is normally very competitive allowing for more affordable pricing than you’d find in specialty stores and products generally ship comparatively quickly. Many online retailers may also offer you a volume discount when multiple chairs are bought.


Wood Dining Chairs: Wood dining chairs can be seen in a few different finishes or painted colours. Look for chip-resistant finishes which are sealed to protect the wood along with the underlying finish. Some producers intentionally distress their endings to offer a worn appearance that’s in fashion at this time. Start looking for a wood finish that will match and blend in with your current cabinetry or furniture for a more put together look.

Fabric Dining Chairs: there are lots of fabricated dining chairs available in many different colours. Start looking for a cloth which will complement your home’s decor, and that you believe will blend in well. When shopping online, ask the company to supply you with cloth samples of a few cloths you believe will combine in to ensure you don’t pick a color that’s too far away from your other decor. Be wary when selecting cloth dining chairs as the kitchen is the place where the many spills happen, especially if you’ve got little kids that will be sitting in these chairs.

Leather: Most “leather” that you may find when looking for dining chairs will in fact be a fabric-backed vinyl. Because of the extra time and cost required for real leather seating, the purchase price of a dining chair will be about $50 to $100 more than a similar vinyl but may also last longer and feel warmer to sit on. Vinyl is more prone to splitting and tearing more so than cloth or leather. The principal advantage vinyl provides is being a significantly more affordable choice to leather and seems has an almost identical appearance to leather, at a much more affordable price.


Dining chairs which will typically be utilized or put in for long stretches of time should generally include arms to increase comfort and reduce stress on your shoulders. If your floor space is restricted, you may elect for armless dining chairs to conserve your room without leaving your kitchen looking too cluttered. Arms generally will tack on about 6 inches to the overall width of a single dining room seat.

Knowing what to look for and what to expect before you start looking for your dining chairs will simplify your shopping experience. Don’t forget to take your necessary dimensions, photos of the space the chairs will be going in, wood or fabrics samples you’re attempting to match with you or nearby before beginning your search. Possessing a affordable budget amount in mind and don’t be afraid to ask for discounts. The more you educate yourself before making a big purchase the more satisfied you’ll feel post purchase knowing that you have exactly what you were looking for.

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